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Exploring The Struggle For Free Expression

A documentary about free expression will be censored. The uProxy team in collaboration with Jigsaw has created an experiment to show you how difficult it can be to view this documentary in a repressive society. It’s a version of Firefox for Windows that comes pre-installed with uProxy, a tool that allows people to share their internet (and BLACKOUT) with friends across national borders. You can also download low-resolution versions of the films from GitHub.

Why are we doing this? Read more here, or try it for yourself below.

Install uProxy

Set uProxy up on your computer in a few simple steps.
Learn more about uProxy.

Install uProxy

For Firefox & Chrome desktop browsers.

Invite Your Friends

Send your friends who use Windows this link to automatically download Firefox with uProxy pre-installed.

This version of Firefox always auto-updates and ensures access.

Share The Series

Share this link to watch BLACKOUT when your friends connect to you on uProxy.

Get links to download low-res episodes below.